Save $750 on the Surface Pro X, and more great Microsoft Surface deals

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The iPad Pro isn’t the only tablet device that’s vying to replace your laptop. If you’re more familiar with Windows, you might find yourself more at home on a Microsoft Surface Pro. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and picked out some of the best Surface Pro deals across the web.

The Surface Pro comes in a variety of sizes and specs, so we’ve done our best to break it down a little bit further for you. We have everything from the high-end Surface Pro X to the budget-friendly Surface Go. We also have a few options for previous versions of the Surface Pro line too.

9to5Mac Daily: January 26, 2022 – Apple safety guide, iCloud syncing issues

Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac Daily is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players.

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Stacktrace Podcast 170: “Welcome to programming”

John and Rambo revisit the topic of SwiftUI and UIKit interoperability, and discuss which of the two UI frameworks that’s recommend for beginners to start with. Also, the launch of AirBuddy 2.5, and using phased rollouts when releasing new app versions.
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Some iCloud services are currently down due to unexpected outage [U]

Update: Apple said it had fixed the problems with iCloud, but now the company states that they’re back. Not only that, but Game Center is also having issues this Wednesday.

If you’re experiencing problems when trying to access some iCloud services, you’re not alone. iCloud Backup, iCloud Mail, and iCloud Photos are currently down for some users.


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Deal: 85% off Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021

Credit: Tech Deals

While you might be doing more spreadsheets or writing more documents at home than ever before, you may also assume that the full Microsoft Office suite is out of your budget. This deal dispels those myths. Right now you can get lifetime access to Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2021 for a one-time payment of just $49.99 ($299 off).

The deal is as good as it sounds — no subscription fees or limitations on features. Once you sign up you’ve got all of the most popular Office software and tools to maximize your productivity. Office Professional Plus 2021 is available for Windows users, but the same savings and price can land you Office Home and Business 2021 if you’re a Mac user.

Android malware can factory-reset phones after draining bank accounts

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images)

A banking-fraud trojan that has been targeting Android users for three years has been updated to create even more grief. Besides draining bank accounts, the trojan can now activate a kill switch that performs a factory reset and wipes infected devices clean.

Brata was first documented in a post from security firm Kaspersky, which reported that the Android malware had been circulating since at least January 2019. The malware spread primarily through Google Play but also through third-party marketplaces, push notifications on compromised websites, sponsored links on Google, and messages delivered by WhatsApp or SMS. At the time, Brata targeted people with accounts from Brazil-based banks.

Covering its malicious tracks

Now Brata is back with a host of new capabilities, the most significant of which is the ability to perform a factory reset on infected devices to erase any trace of the malware after an unauthorized wire transfer has been attempted. Security firm Cleafy Labs, which first reported the kill switch, said other features recently added to Brata include GPS tracking, improved communication with control servers, the ability to continuously monitor victims’ bank apps, and the ability to target the accounts of banks located in additional countries. The trojan now works with banks located in Europe, the US, and Latin America.

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After sparring with Apple, Fanhouse adopts in-app purchases on iOS with 50% higher prices

Fanhouse is a platform for creators that competes with OnlyFans as it lets users post photos and videos (SFW only) that can only be viewed by those who pay a monthly subscription. After criticizing App Store fees last year, Fanhouse is now raising subscription prices by 50% for iOS users as a way to cover Apple’s commission.


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