Waldo’s es un negocio de hamburguesas ubicado en el corazón de Polanco también conocido como Polanquito en la Ciudad de México.

Project #28 Badwater

A series of images taken over Badwater Basin in Death Valley. Images have an abstract feel to them with no lack of texture and crisp detail from the crystalized salt and minerals. Images taken by Mitch Rouse in his Helicopter using a Phase one camera system IQ4

Bureau des Possibles – Generative brand design

Bureau des Possibles A generative visual identity Founded by Yves-Armel Martin, Bureau des Possibles (the office of all possibilities) is an agency specialized in collaborative innovation. Their goal is to make the link between the challenges of transforming organizations and the many opportunities of a society in upheaval. They are convinced that organizations, whether public or private, all […]

RedBull Music Festival Toronto & Montreal

From New York City to São Paulo, Johannesburg, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and beyond, the Red Bull Music Festival series has circumnavigated the globe, shining a light on the sounds, scenes, and minds moving music forward. Continuing the tradition, Red Bull Music Festival will take place for the first time in Montreal and Toronto this […]


Forsaken World. The Art of István Farkas (1887?1944) The Hungarian National Gallery presents the oeuvre of István Farkas in unprecedented richness. The comprehensive exhibition titled Forsaken World comprises 170 works by the artist and his masters. We designed the richly illustrated catalogue in Hungarian and English. Publications of the Hungarian National Gallery 2019/5 Series editor: […]

Tweag – Brand identity

Tweag defines itself as a Software Innovation Lab, that enables well-funded deep tech startups to quickly scale their engineering performance and execute on high-risk, high-reward projects with confidence. Created in 2013 in Paris, the company is based on a team of several dozen engineers, spread over four continents, among the world’s top experts in machine […]