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Bureau des Possibles – Generative brand design

by digitaldre_am

Bureau des Possibles
A generative visual identity

Founded by Yves-Armel Martin, Bureau des Possibles (the office of all possibilities) is an agency specialized in collaborative innovation. Their goal is to make the link between the challenges of transforming organizations and the many opportunities of a society in upheaval.

They are convinced that organizations, whether public or private, all have many internal and external resources that are just waiting to bear fruit. They believe that by moving away from vertical organizational modes, deterministic beliefs and the desire to control at all costs, we are opening up to complex approaches and giving way to the emergence of real opportunities. They also run design fiction workshops that allow us to collectively explore the near future and bring back concrete memories of it.
When it comes to design and digital innovation, with them, anything is possible. The visual identity we have designed is fully in line with this logic, it is a gene

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