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Data-driven music festival campaign

by digitaldre_am

When going to a music festival, people make many preparations to plan their days ahead as much as possible. But when the festival is on an island, some factors cannot be controllable and have immense effects on people’s experiences. Weather is one of those factors.

Into The Great Wide Open (ITGWO) is an annual three-day music festival that takes place in Vlieland, the Netherlands. ITGWO started in 2009 with the ambition to drive change in festival production by means of sustainability. The festival is recurrently sold-out since its second edition.

CLEVER°FRANKE was invited to collaborate with Studio Bas Koopmans to create a unique visual language for the 2019 edition of the festival. The design uses weather data as the main ingredient despite its uncontrollable nature. Both the design process and results were unknown and that’s what made this visual language distinct.

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