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Eurovision Song Contest 2020 visual identity

by digitaldre_am

The Eurovision Song Contest is the world’s biggest and longest-running music show, being watched around the world by approximately 180 million people. The 2020 Contest will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We were asked to create a visual identity that must be complementary to the generic Eurovision logo, and include ingredients like ‘open for everyone’, ‘creative’, ‘music-related’ and a ‘leap forward’. Using our own software, along with historical data, we designed an iconic data-driven identity that honors the history of the Song Contest in a contemporary way. Since Eurovision’s communication spans across TV, event & city dressing, merchandise, social media and internet content, we made bold and simple design choices, prioritizing versatility and consistency. Our design ties into the theme ‘Open Up’ in both static images and motion by connecting the flag colors of countries, opening up through time and creating a unified, yet diverse feel. It also includes unique visualizati

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