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Freedom Road Brand Project

by digitaldre_am

I got a great opportunity to work with Caliber Creative. We partnered to create custom illustrations for their client which they are re-branding – American based Freedom Road. The client is in the cannabis space for recreational and medicinal purpose. So my task was to create 5 different custom illustrations to depict the 5 different “strain categories” in their product line-up, under the categories: Energetic, Relax, Focus, Sleep, Relief. Each illustration needs to be done somewhat monochromatic to be color-coded to make distinguishing between the categories easy at-a-glance.

We use these elements to convey the emotion: Landscape, Eagle, Road/Path/Trail.
Our challenge was to differentiate the categories with respective of color, theme and, landscapes. So we studied the different landscapes from the cannabis legalized states in the United States and shortlisted 5 different spots, based on the landmark – Desert, Mountain, Prairies, Forest, Coastal. see the full project!

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