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Premi Poesia Marta Pessarrodona

by digitaldre_am

Premi Poesia Marta Pessarrodona. Branding and art direction for Premi Poesia Marta Pessarrodona, a new poetry contest (written and audiovisual) for young people, created by Festival Elixir and Ajuntament de Terrassa. We understand poetry as a way to use any artistic language in actions, situations or objects that inspire sensations, states, beauty, new points of view or new relationships between concepts. Thus, without thematic specificity, the poetics of a language or a work of art has to do with synthesis and association. The project is based on artist and poet projects, such as Joan Brossa, we analyzed their calligrams, to understand better the poetry from a graphic view. We proposed the creation of a calligram with the name of the contest, using a neutral typography that highlights the virtues of the construction. We separate the information into four lines creating an upward tilt.

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