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by digitaldre_am

Value & Velocity

Key Message:
Launching Future Brands, Igniting Future Leaders

Rocket is a new generation sales agency; an agency with focus, vitality and an entrepreneurial culture: a team of critical thinkers who understand the pharmacy landscape, an extreme team to take you forward.

The Opportunity: Create a compelling visual and verbal identity that showcases the energy and power of the organisation. Something to be remembered and to cut-through the plethora of stale, predictable and ‘pharmaceutical cliche’s’ in the current competitor landscape.

The Outcome: The brand is bold, bright, colourful and powerful, and not at all what you’d expect. The personality of the brand is captured by making people the focus, allowing both the client and expert team to take centre stage. The visual identity is layered and has great flexibility along the the ability to evolve. A strong custom logotype and typeface act as the corner stone to the brand’s visual identity.

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