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Share the Joy of Floral

by digitaldre_am

We try to imagine the possibilities of the red packet, are they only limited to reddish colour and fancy patterns? What if we could bring an innovative aesthetic to this traditional culture in modern time.
We come up with the concept of the meaning of different floral, each represents different blessing that could share with the beloved one throughout the year. We transfer the concept into flowers in the vase. You could pull sleeves (the vase) out to unveil a blessing note. With interchangeable sleeves, you could pair and create a version that you loved. Equipped with a stand at the back, the red packets could be transformed into a blessing standee as table decor.
We truly hope the audience could enjoy blessings come in pairs, and share blessing, happiness and beauty of design to each other.
Each red packet is made with quality fancy paper from Polytrade, who have been supporting the innovation of local design industry for more than 40 years, the packet is made in various premium print

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