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Unaf – Brand design

by digitaldre_am

Born in 1945 from the will to involve families in the reconstruction of the country, the National Union of Family Associations (Unaf), is a French association representing the interests of French families in the development of family policy. Recognized as being in the general interest and registered in the Civil Code, Unaf organizes dialogue between families represented by their associations and the public authorities.
As a national figure, it coordinates the network of Departmental Unions of Family Associations (Udaf) and Regional Unions of Family Associations (Uraf), which carry out missions of representation and services to families in each department and region.
The network lacked a common graphic charter, harmony and unity to identify and strongly assert its organisation. Graphéine accompanied Unaf, Udaf and Uraf in order to modernize their ageing visual identity and reaffirm their common values. The objective was to unite them around the same vision.

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