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Water Cycle ? digital game

by digitaldre_am

The Water Cycle game is one of the four unique interactive digital games we created for the Ghajn ? Water Conservation Awareness Center in Malta. They aim to raise awareness of the water challenges faced by the Maltese islands and the Mediterranean. Water Cycle is a fun and educational experience for children aged between 7 and 10 that enables the players to learn about the basics of the water cycle and how human activities affect the environment. The game is displayed on a large screen installation (135x241cm), which consists of 4 smaller screens and pairs together as a unit. It consists of an introductory video and a three-stage-game. The game simulates the main processes of the water cycle: evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, run-off, and infiltration. The player follows the movements of water within the Cycle and can interact with essential elements (geomorphology, landscape, etc.) to discover how they influence the water cycle through call-to-action gameplay.

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